The Latest Celebrity-Inspired Trend of Vaping eShisha

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The public love affair with celebrities is not going to end any time soon. If anything, this obsession simply grows continuously. Today, the celebs seem to be an inspiration for everything, be it the way people dress, cut their hair, walk, accessorize, and generally conduct themselves. The fans and followers are quick to embrace products their ‘demigods’ endorse or are seen using. One such happening craze these days is of course use of eShisha!


Why Celebs are Loving E-Shisha?

Hookah smoking has long been a fad with partygoers and celebrities are no different. However, ever since people have become more health conscious and the negative effects of group water pipe use has come to the fore everyone is looking for a safer alternative. Researchers revealed that the traditional hookah is more harmful compared to smoking 100 cigarettes!

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Now celebrities like general partiers love to enjoy time out in groups. This helps them to deal with stress better and bond with each other. With negative effects of water pipe use, eShisha has emerged as the safer alternatives these days and naturally, those in the spotlight are using it with much frequency. For them it not only works as a successful stress buster but also there’s an impact their health negatively.

Being in the limelight signifies that celebs have to take care of their health and appearance at all times. When they are exercising a lot to stay in shape, and are extremely conscious regarding what they put inside the mouth, it is natural that they would look for smoking alternatives too. E-shisha naturally integrates seamlessly with their daily regime and as such, one finds more and more singers, actors, and entertainers using the electronic pipes.

Naturally, the Public Follows

Celebrities no doubt have started the eShisha trend and naturally, the modern generation is following suit! Ever since this revolutionary product came out in the markets, its use has been increasing rapidly. Hundreds of users are going for eShisha pipes at the casinos, nightclubs, hotels, or airports legally. Market study shows that compared to regular e-cigs the sales of eShisha are FIVE TIMES higher! As who’s who of the film, music, and entertainment industry increase their public uses of this electronic devise, increased numbers of people are going to use it in the coming times.

Paparazzi photo shots of celebs and news stories greatly influence the public perception and inspire them to behave in a certain way. However, when it comes to use of eShisha, it is something that one can actually follow without worrying about repercussions.

Why this Trend is Easy to Follow?

E-Shisha use is the latest celebrity-inspired trend shaping public perception these days. The good thing about this is that it is an easy to follow option than some others. You can smoke this disposable and portable variety indoors without facing legal or health issues. It doesn’t contain tobacco, tar, nicotine, or any of 4000 chemicals found in normal cigarettes! Besides being a safer alternative, some say that it is a tastier alternative too.


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