XEO Clearomizer – Benefits of E-cigarettes, Enjoyment of eShisha

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Do you use XEO CIGS but rue the fact that they do not have refillable products yet? Won’t it be fantastic if you can get an ideal combination of high quality with the reusable cartridge capability? It seems that the company has understood the requirements of its customers as is evident from their latest introduction in the market. Now they are offering a new product range XEO Clearomizer that simply adds to their existing line and comes with additional features not present before. With competition increasing in the electronic cigarette market, manufacturers need to evolve their offers continuously.

The XEO Clearomizer range seems like an appropriate choice for the customers because now they can purchase the starter kit once and replenish it repeatedly with their favorite flavors. In order to attract the maximum number of customers, the company is also keeping the prices quite affordable. However, this is nothing new because people associate XEO CIGS with strict quality controls and affordability. Clearomizer 3-Pack and Starter Kit Clearomizer are the newest products on the block from this popular e-cig manufacturers. These retain all the properties that one associates with electronic smoke while being a definite improvement from their existing product ranges.

Clearomizer 3-Pack


This 3-Pack Clearomizer as the name suggests comes with three electronic cigarettes in a single pack. It is a money-saving proposition for the buyers because they can get multiple devices at only 12.90 Euro their introductory offer. With a single filling of this e-cig, the users can enjoy regular vaping, which is equivalent to 400 puffs from your traditional cigarette. Also, it uses X-Vapor technology that does away with unwanted leakage which can undermine the capacity of these devices. Since, these are completely refillable you can use them up to 20 times without compromising on the quality of your vaping experience.

Starter Kit Clearomizer

It is the second product in XEO Clearomizer range and it comes with all the components that you require in order to begin your refillable e-cig experience from scratch. This starter kit comes with,

  • Xeo Clearomizer
  • USB Charger
  • Standard Li-Ion Battery
  • User Manual


The capacity of high quality Li-ion battery is 280 mAh and presence of a USB charger ensures that you can recharge it on the go. Other features include the presence of an LED white top, and automated start-up functions. So now, e-smokers can enjoy this rechargeable, disposable, and compact device with multiple filling options for only at 24.89 Euro as part of the introductory offer from XEO. Get ready to make the most of an awesome development of vapors, which this device is capable of producing.

With the launch of a Clearomizer product line XEO CIGS has surely upped their standards besides increasing the options for their customers in the coming times. It gives buyers of value added product, which ensures flexibility of use and a significant cost saving proposition. So, why go for a traditional smoke ever when you can get an all round exclusive vaping experience that comes 70% cheaper and brings an all-new refillable option? Isn’t this time to give it a try!


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